Basic Accounting Simplified
  A Primer for Beginning And Struggling Accounting Students...

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Basic Accounting Simplified

A Primer For Beginning and Struggling Accounting Students

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Basic Accounting Simplified 




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Basic Accounting Simplified is for beginning or struggling accounting students and bookkeepers. When the basics are understood, the more advanced aspects of accounting are easier to understand. By simplifying complex concepts, Basic Accounting Simplified helps students of accounting to think through, understand, and master the more difficult issues that will be taught as their accounting education progresses.


Basic Accounting Simplified also provides a practical approach to solving problems. Straightforward instructions will guide the student through this process and will engage the student every step of the way.


The objective of this book is to impart an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of accounting to the beginning or struggling accounting student. It presents an easy-to-grasp technique that can be mastered in a short time. Basic Accounting Simplified is the "safety net" every accounting student should have in order to be successful in this field.


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