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By Gary Lesser 


Retirement Plan Illustration Service
Allocating retirement plan contributions among eligible employees is not easy, especially if self-employed individuals are participants or if the plan is “integrated” with social security benefits. Whether you are considering a new plan or already have a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan, a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE), or a qualified profit-sharing or money purchase pension, we can help. The best plan is the plan that meets the needs and objectives of the adopting employer. The best plan is the plan that meets the needs and objectives of the adopting employer. Let Gary Lesser a former IRS Tax Law Specialist help you.


GSL Galactic Consulting 
Over thirty years of mutual fund, securities, investment management, and insurance industry experience marketing qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation programs, financial and insurance company products, consulting, and related services.

Strong technical marketing, training, and support skills. 
In depth knowledge of retail and wholesale distribution channels for mutual funds, securities and insurance company products and related services.

*Roth IRA Presentation (large PDF file 7.2 Megs)

* Retirement Plan Cost-of-Living Adjustment Factors

*Calculating Earned Income

GSL Galactic Publishing 
No masterpiece should go unpublished! GSL Galactic Publishing assists authors by coordinating all facets of self-publishing. Let our experience help you publish quickly and easily. Interface services include editing, formatting, cover design, distribution, copyright, and printing on demand. Let us design your Internet site. You can sell your own books, be listed on Amazon, and also be listed with major distributors. Let us show you how. 

SIMPLE Illustrator® Software
SIMPLE Illustrator software is used for calculating, allocating, and illustrating contributions under SIMPLE IRA and 401(k) SIMPLE plans. Handles up to 149 employees.  Legal limits, maximum contributions, salary reduction amounts, matching and nonelective contributions are automatically determined, applied, and illustrated.  Client files can be printed, saved, recalled.  Minimum two page illustration. Available platforms: Windows 95, 98, SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.  $150 with instructions and tutorial.  Updates $150.


QP-SEP IllustratorTM Software
QP-SEP Illustrator software is used for designing retirement plans and allocating contributions under SEPs, SARSEPs, profit sharing, and money purchase pension plans for corporations, partnerships, and self-employed individuals.  Optimize and solve-for functions find target values and best integration level at lowest employer cost.  Automatically calculates net earned income, self-employment tax, integration spreads, actual deferral percentage (ADP), top-heaviness, and limitations on contributions and their deductibility.  Ineligible owner and guaranteed payment partner situations can also be handled.  Other factors, such as outside W-2 income and self-employment gains and losses, are also taken into account.  Telephone tutorial and support provided whenever needed.  Designed for smaller businesses with simple data entry.  Client files can be printed, saved, recalled.  Five page illustration.  Available platforms: Windows 95, 98, SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. $150 with instructions and tutorial.  Updates $150.




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